Hey everyone and welcome to ChetChat Recently the HRD minister in India made an announcement for all medical and engineering aspirants that starting to 2019 you could appear for the NEET and JEE entrance exams twice a year as Against once a year earlier.

Now, what does this mean for us? I mean, does it have any implications? Is this good for us? How does this impact us? We're going to analyze every single thing in this video today and for that we have with us.

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So let me introduce Vivek to you So Vivek, it's a great pleasure to have you in our studio today Yeah, and thank you for taking the trouble to come in here You know, this announcement has just made five days ago to and through all the Bombay rains and traffic Thank you for taking the time to come and talk to us about this today.

Pleasure from my end Yeah So, Vivek tell us there's been this change Not only in the number of times that the exam can be taken but also in the testing agency itself So let's start with the NTA They formed this new agency Which will now conduct the exams as against CBSE and AICTE that were doing it earlier So tell us a little bit about this the new agency and how it's going to impact us Sure, the recent press conference on 7th of July Our HRD Minister, mr Prakash javadekar announced the creation of the national testing agency way back in November 2017 our Union Cabinet chaired by honorable Prime Minister.


Narendra Modi.

He had approved NTA to be formed.

The core responsibilities of NTA will be to conduct entrance examination for Higher educational institutes till now this responsibility was with CBSE CBSE other than conducting these entrance examination, which is JEE Main or NEET or CMAT and couple of other entrance examination.

They were also conducting tenth and twelfth board.

Yes and there was a feeling that CBSE is like overloaded and they are not able to I mean control the leakages or the leakage of the question paper and certain other difficulties which they were facing So that is the reason that was the concept behind Creating the national testing agency and they will now be responsible for conducting the entrance examination starting 2019 onwards.

Fantastic, so the first good news is that Leakages of papers hopefully will go down substantially now Yeah starting next year, right? Let's talk about these two different times at which you can take the exam.

For NEET I think it's February and May and for JEE I think it's January and April So earlier students were you know all geared up to take this exam once in a year.

Now We've told them you can take it twice in a year right now The question they probably want to know is should they necessarily take it twice or can they give it only once out of the two? Times and how will this whole thing work for them.

See now The option is you can appear both the times Okay right in case I mean you feel that your preparation is not as per your Expectation for the first examination you can skip the first examination but I believe taking the examination for the second time as well in continuation with the first time.

I don't see any problem in doing that So I will definitely suggest students to take both the examination.

Anyways, whichever is your higher score I mean Let's say in the month of January you did not do well and in the month of April in JEE Main examination your score was higher So the higher score will be considered for ranking into the NIT's IIIT's and GFTI's.

Fantastic and the higher Aggregate score out of the two attempts can be picked up so for example, if a student sits for the exam for JEE in January, right and you know Perhaps in a month or so, they'll get their result also, right if they get their result and they're happy with that result They could skip the second Absolutely, there is there is no problem in skipping the second attempt.

Oh, yeah.


Let's talk about the variation in Difficulty level of the papers.

That's another thing that's worrying students.

Yeah Even on the first attempt, there are eight different dates and timings on which you can take the exam So I'm assuming there are eight different sets of question papers that are getting made for the first time and there are eight Probably getting made for the second attempt, How are they going to make sure that the difficulty level is standardized and the student doesn't ultimately Suffer for out of bad luck.

This eight question paper Has come out With a concept that this examination is going to be held online When the examination is going to be held online and which is given by approximately 12 lakh students based on our current infrastructure in India.

I mean it is impossible for any government to make arrangement for a lakh students to give examination on a single day at a single point of time, so That is the reason they have said that they will do it at four different dates having two slots each As per the press release it is very clearly indicated that the question paper would be of uniform Difficulty level they will ensure that all the questions which are there has uniform difficulty level So there is absolutely no problem and a student should not be worrying on that particular part I think the point you're making is absolutely right that they shouldn't spend a lot of the time and energy now worrying over whether I want to sit on day one or day four or first attempt or second attempt I think if they just focus on the subject matter, you're saying that the NTA will take care of the Variation they will take care that the best score is taken on.

talking about the online exam That's another change, you know students were used to the paper-based exam, right? Also, there are so many students in India that don't have access to computers For practicing for the computer-based exam in the first place So what steps is the NTA taking to get everybody onto a level playing field, right? So see now NTA has very clearly stated in the press release that they are going to identify Different schools and Kendriya vidyalaya's and they are going to offer Free testing to the students based on a pre booking kind of a slot to be done by the students so that arrangement is already being done and it will be notified to these students by first week of August so that student who do not have access to computers at home so they can definitely go to different schools and Kendriya vidyalaya's and Do practice over there? I think this is fantastic that the exams are in January and February and right from August All they need to do is book a testing center Perhaps all over the country and they can go and practice As much as they want to to do well in that exam in January.

There's one more question I wanted to ask you so earlier the NEET and the JEE was conducted by CBSE and AICTE.

And the advanced JEE Which is the exam that they would take after the JEE mains was conducted by the IIT's themselves, right? So now that NTA has taken over the NEET and the mains JEE what is the status of the advanced JEE exam as of now? Advanced will be conducted by IITs only so that is there is no notification of The advance examination to be conducted by NTA, as of now.

It might change in future But as of now, it will be conducted by IITs.

Yeah, and there's another question that they would be interested in does the syllabus change does the paper question paper format? Change.

You know what changes and what doesn't change for them.

Sure So what I'll do is I will quickly tell you what has changed and what has not changed Okay, so what has changed is one the examination is going to be online Completely online whether it is JEE main or NEET it's going to be online The second change is it is going to be conducted by NTA and not the CBSE third is you have option to give Examination twice you can attempt once you can attempt both the time Okay, the fourth change is whichever.

I mean if you are giving both the examination whichever exam you do You get a better score that score is going to be counted.

So that is what has changed? so what does not change the syllabus, eligibility criteria, examination pattern, examination fees and there is one more which is Languages so NEET it gives you option to attempt in 11 different languages and JEE Main I mean till now they were giving option to attempt in three languages.

So this remains unchanged So I think it's overall I would think it's great news for students watching this show and appearing for these exams because we are saying the leakages will be reduced right and the exam is now going to be conducted by a Central agency that's going to ensure transparency.

They're gonna do a Equalization of all your variation in scores.

They're giving you two opportunities in case you didn't you know on that one particular day for example You know you fell ill, now you have two opportunities to give that exam and nothing else has changed even the cost hasn't changed Right.

Plus they've given us Practice centers all over the country to go and practice the test online.


I think it's cause to celebrate Definitely definitely.

So thank you so much Vivek for being with us and sharing all this information with us And I'm sure it's going to put to rest a lot of concerns that they have.

Thank you so much And thank you for watching till the end.

I'm sure you still have some questions on the implication of this twice a year versus once a year Whatever questions you have about your NEET exam about your JEE exam or about anything at all Put everything in the comment section under the video and don't forget to press that subscribe button and the bell Notification button and also like us at facebook twitter and instagram @ chetchat101 and happy watching.

Hey everyone and welcome to ChetChat Recently the HRD minister in India made an announcement for all medical and engineering aspirants that starting to 2019 you could appear for the NEET and JEE entrance exams twice a year as Against once a year earlier.Now, what does this mean for...