become all how are you out four ish before we start I'm going to give itinteraction to your business where it's located number and everything sure whatever'sKamal so on love I have the honor of what goeswrong clothing because run clothing is located in CostaMesa Calif track where pretty much on the sameblock as much as college check right now we've been open for aboutseven months and hopefully the goal is to hoping a sec its over the next six months 2010 to grow its okay global cool so first what's your always a reason to bei sorry the office you know and so I love theysay the the father of all inventions is anecessity so i i think for me about that I was at once you can I had I have to do it there's no choice iraqyou like shut up and cry like everyone yeah alright day off but it's preaches abusiness for like say you want Cup cheese this business I think it there's a lotof how it being your own boss so that was one thing I didn't want todo the job %uh doubts over one-plus the other vehiclesI just saw I mean being I want or schools class and I gooutdoors so for me I just saw that there was abig there's a lot of their stores shoescommunity Orange Coast College something like that thanks to its so Ithink that's really what it was for saying that there's a good targetaudience on and it was for me it was a challengehow to manipulate myself to fit to the landscapers signed become a landmark course so it was alsowork okay landmark sir oxy while pretty much havethe reputation ops you obviously have seen on your ownyou really good reviews or something what what what one thingI'll definitely say is I tried to go the extra mile I'll what I mean by that is sometimes isbiting my lip gonna do another is just really treating peoplelike france yeah I'll and contract but his music notfire so basically for me it's really treatpeople like my friends I love and creating my store like it'smy home so anybody who comes in it's like their guest so I really try todo things outside the box rather than feeling like us researchersfavor I kansai 12 me feel like I'm customers I feel like because mister bf I try notto take a suspicion okay do you recite some if you're a psychiatrist on thisspecific business when is a test that mean this sick principles business don't havethe same yes ask you to be successful courts whatwaters like in well number 17 a simpleeconomics is supplied so one thing is is fine ago what thedemand is in an office coming supply that's something that I'mstill learning with this one peace the surrounding City with thepeople up but assess what the meantime and then for meis just matters so I mean for anybody that would wannastart the first or anything of that sort howto release a number one just delay and solder you need a lot ofpatience professional because you really dopeople all day attacks yeah okay I what are a few things acommunication tips with customers if somebody house maybe here want something have UN I didn't know whether its sales are inbusiness I think really what makes a good businessman is be in the cards to come up with multiplesolutions alternative solutions so what I try todo is if somebody is upset some angry I try to come up with alternatives tohelp defuse the situation or ex-army them in the mail I think alot of people now it is they don't the Honda you know they don't me fiftypercent right %uh they say come to me ninety atall times 10 I think that's a very it's an infectious problem because it'sjust really that not only does that for yourself butit really hurts it spreads to the 80 minutes for us hereand I think people people don't have people can forgive butthey don't forget Richard you wanna do this you to keep the lastyear have been a first so cause I mean to its imagine like if Iif I didn't have anything or anyone imagine what price outlook you know whatI would do to get people in the door yes or no if I have people and goreimagine what you what I've think I have to do to keep thevid you know it's I think of both this struggle to herstruggle is how to keep people together then you can spend money rightnow you do just different marketing being so whateverelse but to keep them coming back to keep them %uh to feel like they're a part yes tofeel like they are part of the store doubts the Charles but that's excitingin your opinion is easier to keep a customer word to get a new cast %uh to me the much easier one is to get a newclass because like I said if you have the right money you can do it whether it's doing thatsorry be on the field ordered a TV commercials for like 10 15 20 grand oryou could do like what go daddy: did and put all their money into the SuperBowl commercial you know and it paid off guys gathered all their money yeah there for you it was down to as lowas it goes like 1.

5 million that the company had and somebody told me that you reallydon't have any other solutions and I think I said you know why I'm justgonna do it and he put all his money every single penny at 11 discernibleacademic attack yeah according to the I'll so that wasthe there is no data throughout that so ithink thats what business it's got to be interested I actually got to grace said just saywith a job somehow stay with the job there what aresome benefits me a bizarre question time way Joe the benefits some there so the funny thing as I mean whenyou're on the other side of the coin you can see so many benefits but nowbeing on the other side of the coin which I am now it's almost like I see a lot of love alot of %uh your disadvantage its why say that isthere's more responsibilities well it's like that wrap some more moneymore problems at yet so it's there's there's a lot going on your waythere's more about that you have to worry about getting more people to feedyeah I'll more responsibilities you know butI'm on the other side it's nice to walk up to something fishy key in thedoor yeah it's nice to get a bill with your name on it beyond that is nice too to be able to tocall something your baby prior to take that prided ownership andto see a sluggish how many employees you have currentlyright now I have three 3 okay and how I have had it with you ifit was me I love about two months too much to looks so where you beendoing this for Ibiza for seven 7 seven months so thefirst %uh for a successful history for seven months that's that'sawesome and I don't I don't really i mean one thing is likewhat I told the girls right all the guys anybody who works as a we're not really selling closes as muchas we are selling their personal attacks and I just I think that's that's thedefinition of small business is creating a mile apart like it just tohold me yup personable tag that's misfeasancethe country be serious doubt I 100 percent I get that yeah and I wouldsay my fake I mean it's it's a it sounds feel it's one of those but really I meanthere's there's times where is just amazing to me that there would benothing here there's like nothing at all such as aRussian my sales just crazy that is a word all this come from yeah so it's I mean one thing that youknow my followers on me is work hard the ethical you and alwayshave clinched right now I N and nice idea first work why does that mean it's the sameit's a series alexis is a cliches United States trial its trident andprevent right now and I think that's what 17 for him he's come in Wakefield50-plus years experience you're coming as a as an immigrant tothis country really being one of the great success stories I knowI'll you know it's something nicer to learnsomething from someone that is already there I'm telling this story the slow burneryou know my love my father came in 1973 from Pakistan I love yeah came to Miami %uh as student you already have two jobs hestarted from the bottom and for him you know he had you all overhis coworkers with poke fun at because he always had a a tired but Ithink it was just as official something from nothing so he works his butt offand then he started continuing on in the family businesswhich is steel %uh so he continued on without a doubt oneyou know he grew up very so easy is really just hard work you'reon then he grew on into it will stay yeah it's more businesses from there butI mean it's it something worse for him and then walk to campus on ashipboard I was born and i cant from tronic in so I think that for it was kinda thingis is working hard not forget where he came from and %uhjust realize what the other side sky I thinka lot of people now the they take a lot of things for grantedI'll don't talk about religion or culture just talk about people in generalbecause they don't know what it is really have nothing yeah to them nothaving something is not on an iPhone charger but it really is and in in real lifethat kinda crap just SAT for people take a nothing have sexManchester since of course and I think a lot ofthat is just how we've condition and our society without consent yeah people want to be rewarded rightaway 10 just you know they want to get now now now writing understand any anything goodcomes comes with work card okay are there specific daily actionsthey can take to to become times specific these everyday here well ireaffirm a weird for me it's starting the site every day I just try to startit was %uh tabula Ross yeah clean slate clean slate you know Itry so I for business owners that it's ok because you with this issuecan really have emotion or you can't have really ego orpride so I think it's very it's imperative tocome also the excitement things this right you can't let what happenedwith yes what happened yesterday affect your today because really all ofus we r the creators overall just you knowanybody who tells whatever hours I just think they're not working hard enough rare and so okay that's great so startedstar you every day in you mean by that day if you have a good day yesterdaythat's what I mean it do I do with the best customer yeah let's say they can I had a customercome in it 8:30 p.


I didn't eat anything all day and I washaving water from the store which I get all my classes online all the ice was going on water us go onfumes and this lady was here from 8:30 selectat 1:30 and she ended up buying got the she's just tried on a bunchclothes she wanted it for free I told her I'm sorry didn't work likethat so she left I've never seen her back but I mean justbecause of what she did I tell it that affects the next customerthat had nothing to do with yet so that's kinda right on target got cleansweep much %uh okay and I Cesar number one contributing factorsquite successful sites it's just that I you know it's %uh notto toot my own order to some office but I believe it'sa person and it's not just me it's the thepersonality sir at the store %uh out my coverculture the courtroom friend it's a closer look to be positive to be a good QB yeah andwhat I always tell my my people as %uh which I called myfamily but what I tell them is if it's not right don't do it even ifthat means if you're supposed to give a discount and you can get away with not given adiscount to make an extra buck always correct yourself get the discountyou all it's always do the right thing it's also help people out now is theright thing yeah is just like a dime you know that'sanother thing I hear from voters treated like family that's right here was like family and itdoesn't hurt to know them by first name to remember them to remember somethingabout their families whether it was a you're somebody falling killersomething I'll see just how slick that's great because it it lets themknow that you actually care so as a as a customer someone if they'regonna give if they're going to give you money ifthey're gonna do something at least look and feel like just weeks ago because regardless yeahprecious one got around by Carol how are you very good thank you was like a water of course you're verywelcome old casts ok now you here I I really well all here him for sure thank you does call for out okay so how do you what are your plansfor growing how do you plan on growing future 0 you know for growth I want to I'm really 100 crawl before Irun so right now so we're gonna myfoundation I'm still working on now am know my foundation you know I'm tryna to strengthen everything I can to try tobring a good team %uh which I call a family I'm trying to do%uh just really kinda strengthen myself and %uh this one store gotta go from there for on but that'sreally what it was just making sure that all my eyes got it in my T's are crossed rightwhatever what are some like procedures that you you takeputting ok funny sir numbers are low one thingis is just like everyone always sayslocation location location so what i do it for so I look for a verygood location now even if it is yes you read yeah if youpay the extra that's fine as for the rest yes harder is yet to take its place butI guess right over days i i'd rather I'd rather have a I'drather have more work and to those in my control yeah day to have less work and feel likeI'm I'm helpless do anything to attract more customersare you for you I mean I do I advertise in all different places I mean I do OC Weekly the Every Door Direct Mail as you feel I do love you know global there's to so many different ways onadvertising than up-close study like some other trade shows like our shows I'll you know cause I'm starting to Iwant to have a look at open mic I want to outlaw liked and performance wish I guess don't have an open mic hereso there's not really a lot of places like an orange county that to open mic sadat's run thing I want to bring themback lol to bring I really wanna bring white girl culturebut you know it's all I really want to do that no rx CountyI'll from what I without my apps observation orangecounty's it's fantastic but just like the cultureand history los angeles's far superior oh and it's alright ofcourse nothing or 10 years beautiful its magnificent but just elliehas about it more your stats yes okay and that's that's we wanna go nextthat's right okay and I alright so do you see yourself horny alt for yeslike I know you know or stores but mort like by yeah issues absolutely all I mean also Billy down the road my wholeintention before I often as you like email address my handles for all thesocial media its %uh WJC stores Explorer and I set that up because even before Ihave one I was already thinking about that one is done so I mean I do 10 like I'm 28 now by the time I hit 30 I wanna be able tohave are resource yeah and my goal when I was when I turn21 my goal is to own three properties but I have 30 so it'snot exactly owning property by yeah opening a storesalting at their kinda the same thing but otherswere having a story it's going to make money yeah absolutely it's like an ass that's right yes 3 I'll okay what you say business is worth it wouldyou say I V sad members are right now services I agree with you i i mean I think business as a fellow businessyeah it's business becomes like a truck whetherit's the ER don't rush whether as a rusher closing adeal weather is to russia received good news on there's manydifferent ways of which I feel itself businesses on the same level astrucks sex and rock and roll guy really thinkit is much more glamorous people say think yeah any business aswell just because it's exciting challengesyes it is very challenging I think that's what yeah I know it's isjust I classify it in this world is to test people the 17percent but don't get it the other time for asyndicate so I think that's really what it is andthis is just like how doctors yeah their daughter your business matteryou're not you know Jack harvests yeah exactly okay and any tips for some be there once youare good at this niche what are the things that you knowit's up to you know this is a you have to listen toyour audience you really have to listen to youraudience as I was there too yeah you have to listen you have to go byfeedback be open to everything I mean in the in the very beginningthere was a lot of things which I took to heart you know and it was kinda just beinglike Papa Bear yeah protective over my little car physics budget I I've learned like even there isa yelp review %uh anabolic just because it wassomething which I felt was a rash one better I'll give you can use tohave like the 440 job before well the one the one yelpreview that I have it's a one star and the customer she went ok sorry thecustomer was from a three-star updated 20 one stock so on the all-bigsays everything I do have some like God like a less that four starreviews yeah I'll but I have thank God I mean Ihave a lot of foreclosures so it's one of those raids I think issueget 20 to caught up in if you just startfocusing too much on the numbers I think you lose the big picture welland it's it's really it's a journey you know it's a process just like how itcould be like sobriety the 12-step process I think if this isok as a specific vision for we want to be.

sir many years yeah I mean it is it three propertiesyeah I mean besides the you know I 10 I want to be able to to have my complete freedom you knowwhat I mean by that is just being able to do whatever I want a you know and I i think that's that'swhat power is they always have enough freedom so it'ssomething where were if I could just be content yeah thehave peace that to me is the biggest thing is justhaving peace knowing that I don't have any get knowing that I got or anybody you knowit just that taken care of all my fans and still a single that to me is likeMichael yeah that to me is like peace it on my family's take care everyone alltaken care as fear savings no no I'm dollar another venture eventually yes yeah I eventually for a alright so are there specific systems they are aplace that successfully think makers their handles editor you know it's funny to say thisbut a lot of my customers have become my friends so my correct answer some of myquestions because it's a growth or something on by customers tell me immediate right soit's its cool and that they give me the respect butthey also give me the courtesy to tell me first yeah reading glasses and I think that'ssomething that kinda he has got a car I would you guess that's exactly XO is becoming the friends like Imentioned earlier yeah to you how to create a connection once you have thatconnection then I think it's amazing like if u walka one-step I i think you could get two steps backso a starting on your own sir at issue traffic how did it start he does a process yeah there was there was a lot of hoopsthere was a lot of hurdles there was a lot of learning I'll you know for things to bevery honest with you the first things I didn't know how rather than beating myself up inexpecting doubt do it I just I help know either I hired helper hadfriends that helped me out for Donald Fehr I'll but then there was other thingswhich I it which I knew it was something I had always remind myself what Ifishing what was II instead of just fixating onthat the negatives I try to fixate on what depositors wereand why would be for ask so that's something I would usesources are you positive you must always file find the %uh the silverlining in the cloud to know you always is very important matter where as I gothere's the the thing the secret yeah I see little bits and pieces of the secretyou have a lot of people over for today and a lot of that is just if you thinkit will become yeah it's fine over matter just saybecause fire because person dies to says you think so I really do believeif you're positive and you feel positive and put up positive and then otherpeople up so that I was going to be baptized yet so even in the stores any fightingor anything as people right away here just because I wanted apositive light awesome mention got for it players in San success are you part of organization or his I just I'm whatmuscle is my favorite I'll I you know I'd liketo know there's my boss could I go to your local wine and then I volunteer with the a nationalorganization what it's about thirty to forty thousand attendees everyyear so I volunteer with the but I try to do whatever I can for you I just because I feel like four micro thecommunity have a card read I feel like it's it's one thinglike it so the Campbell forget where you came from %uh so to me there was time is when Ididn't have a before I have a store I did how crack Ididn't have anything and I would pray to God and I was it gotto use your music you're listening he's got Jimmy this and now I have thisso it's for me to now say he got I don't needyou anymore it's almost like I shouldn't miss out onthe fun because just as quick as it gave it to me I feel where got record it a courageous isfaster so being be involved in those type things howdoes that help your business it just gives me up more well-roundedperspective yeah it just gives me it gives medifferent perspectives so i mean lol could be something simplelike they can't rush up from the floor and the community for that a little kidliked and rather than cutting yelling at the kids like maybe by understand when Iwas a kid good something just cue don't say anything just pick it upand maybe do it so you may see you soon for next but it's the little things Ithink it says Hill W you know it gives you is thatreality checks if you will he'll close it tells me like you'rereally in this world in this car generous you're really just an atom youreally just nothing here compared to the grand scheme of things yeah I think a lot of people there whostruggled leave their homes track of what they are what the reallyabout year okay it's either up so in the future you see yourself see something like this mission success god well yes ever I gots thisyear got yes I that's a common thing busythere's also a everybody always kinda knows there'sgoes I wish if you don't believe you're gonnawin before a race while I wish lists all flights a dayit's alright so mind over matter anyway you want to talk about the Montserrat you know there's so many people thatmeditate on the cheap how r here energy & Fung shway are there somany things that people say but it's all just from the mine for its all from the azeri others everywhere look to see what's yeah soexplaining what I perceive Elizabeth in the Sun in the sites yeah you know it's reallyit's all just in your head that you think I mean there's numerous house rector cancer survivoryou know and and people that have fought cancer without medicine just be cut saw stars in thebeginning that's just for starters it's all in your psyche it's always sickhow you start yeah how you start is really are you gonnafinish right okay just less changer of course here ok or silver but that'sabout one its you know maybe you shouldn't be doingthat to begin what isn't this witness it's harder to stay have the second Ithink it was a beautiful call and I so I want to put this on my wallsWestern Church Hill said if you're going through hell keep goingand I remember when I when I first opened when I first openedmy when it by while our first gave a key after a given that they are there he says here's the key I didn't havebefore them have anything and I was your 7 I think seven days Iwas working day and night harass you about a 18 to 20 hours a daywell prepping the store I turned it aroundthere was no floor floor everything got turned around withan 8/8 so all the six-day I caught of 103degree temperature of and I took enough for an hour woke updeals right now we might do it love it I grabbed a Gatorade a guy said that he brushes I just kepthitting rather but there's really i mean my there'snobody was going to wait you hit the wall okay to every file painted the walls Imean what they say for blood sweat and tears here yeah it wasjust a white box I can recall first I was like broken concrete flooryou place for sale love my little or no luckily I have avery good there so he's very cooperative about it he hewas just a basic every two options he said you could go with thecheap one week ago at the chiro and I said okay although the chief whereso I did that one day they started with the design and whatever also they're justabout the sorority girls decided after I open so there's thingsthat I'm still improving and changing where you know what I i think thats thatsomething XO know when you're in school it's like when you house did yourhomework did you do to turn it because you're scared it was half yeah which what a lot of times we forgotto be allies was given that of its fifty percent wasfifty percent is there a dancer so I really think like in business orwhatever else just evian John Gray was at ninety percent upsuccess is showing up so you really just need to show up in alittle too star share on how are you spent time all those regarding how tohelp you yeah unfortunately I'm not will be fine baby in about to the greedy ex I willbut right now na sorry a great weekend sort take her to a boil water like around on sewer overflow house spree in sis covers hits you have any questions please I try doing getter for the US accounts for you to test had a customerexits yes so some tips on where you just it equity which is still customers firstwhere customers and it's a not a suspect that's it you're a great guy a gentleman onbutton whatever the customer art something there is something herebecause that the crisis and how manyopportunities on the test so it's I think everybody kids opportunities but very few profitbecause they don't know how to handle this Oct why did she say that you had greatcustomer service that's okay I think this is going to be a Shimano just asking on creating overseeunderwater breaking the ice like a fat pig likeyeah I think it's those little things yes okay that's right okay series screenconversation whether it's compliment to them I mean I've had ladies are coming hereI'll looking to buy it off because theywanted to impress her husband and I sent them right back out with so I don't know Tom and all I did wasjust convince them they want their workers and they came back in the day but Ithink does what it takes to make somebody feelbetter than what they did with the first doing for the customer that's rightacross that's right this experience you know the day their house good impression yeahmust be an impression that you leave with the house now whether that depression is good orbad it's in your hands you can try so to me I just make it a fresh appealasking questions I cool am why do you think you have suchgreat cover seguir whether they're capturinglike fact white like what when a customer comes in what is our experience why are theycalling you know and it said hey I need to write a review on this I don't think it's anything but aftereverything super crazy trade yeah I just think it's but people aren'tdoing enough so it's the little things up which I doto me is not a big deal but people really appreciate it justbecause they don't get that really nice I think everything is now great for free it's very robotic great time card hit soI think it's just breaking those lines and said hey this is your neighborhood store we carefor you yeah if you have any problems or anything at all yeltsin's snow homeless the of the homewas coming that needs a close I try my very best to give them whateverthey want for free okay on the selected course and that's why the stores becausefrankly as what goes around comes around register terrific that's why I could car very okay alright cool on thank youappreciate job interview and I'm going to want tojust again explain your store where it's located and zarar what kinda deals if any theyare well thank you yeah it so I have what goes on targetsin Costa Mesa crossroads armor and add-ons we carryvintage featured granule de France its we try to keep on the brand's pluswe have a lot of criticism but clothing please come check us out seewhat we have give us a shot and hopefully we can I remember zest forlife thank you man Presario my pleasure.

become all how are you out four ish before we start I'm going to give itinteraction to your business where it's located number and everything sure whatever'sKamal so on love I have the honor of what goeswrong clothing because run clothing is located in CostaMesa Calif track where pretty...