Hello friends,welcome to interview and answertutorial by me.

My name is shalu pal and today the questionwhich i am going to cover in this video is.

What is the biggest chalenge you have faced inwork.

many times in interview the interviwer askyou this question.

so how to answer this question.

I will tellyou in this video.


First i will tell you the answer for fresheryou can answer in away like that.

i have faced many challengees in my life.

Butmost toughest challenge I have faced was to complete my MBA project work within 45 days.

Ihave to collect the details type the content and prepare a complete project within thiscourse of time was very thoughest job.

But with my hard work,dedication and guidanceof faculties I have successfully completed the challenge.

See for fresher you have answer this question.

You can answer in such away.

Because here whatwe are trying to convence the interviwer by telling him that that we can mannage are time.

In45 days i have completed my MBA projects was successfully.

So my interviwer will be impressby my this answer so you can answer this or you have any other challenge which you havefaced you in your life you can answer that also.

Next Options.

Life itself is a challenge.

Every day we come across different problems.

Resolves it & learnfrom mistakes.

The challenge which I faced recently is to crack the bank PO exam in thefirst shot itself.

Which results on bringing me here.

Say if you are going for goverment job interview.

So you can give answer in such away let.

The recentchallenge you have faced was crack in the bank PO exam.

So this answer is only suitablefor interviews and goverment jobs.

Next Options for a fresher is.

I never face any kind of though challenge in my life,yes i do faced many challengeswhich I overcome with my ability and positive attitudetowards life,but I never find them difficult which I couldn't able to overcome.

Challengesare the part of life,It depends on the person how we deal with it.

Because see this answer suitable for those persons.

If we havn't faced in any tough challengein your life but we have to answer this question asinterviwer ask this question so you can answer this that till now i haven't face in a toughchallenge but i have face small challenges.

which i have deald it.

Which i have deald itsuccessfully.


So you have given three options for fresher.

Any option which you find suitableaccording to use you can answer it or if you have any other option in your mind you canalso answer it.

But just try to answer it in such awaythat interviwer should be impress your answer.

Your answer should show any quality.

Next i will tell you answers for experience professionals.

First option we will see.

Experienc proffesional will give so here the answer is big a one.

The greatest challenge I've faced in my careertill date has to be the key role I played in helping my company survive the recent recession.

The company was undoubtedly not prepared for the advent and impact of the recession;theirfinancial reserves were just too weak.

Those of us who were left faced a lot of struggleto keep sales levels up and costs down while maintaning our standards of customer service.

I learned a great deal from the expeience.

It was a great challenge.

While we certainly didhave a though time of it,we successfully rode out the recession and the cost control measureswhich I personally devised and implemented ultimately resulted in a significantly healthierbottom line than we had had before the recession.

so here the experience interview we is tryingto convenc the interviwer by telling him that i have help my company in over coming therecession successfully.

So here he is trying to show his quality.

Quality for what.

Qualitythat how he has help his company to save they financialreserve to tackle the recession problem.

So this is a quality which a experience proffessionalcan show in the answer.

Next Options for experience proffessionalis.

I have faced lot of challenges in my organisationlike customers being rude and irritated to us.

I have faced the challenge by being politeto customers,apologies for the inconvenience,being calm etc.

Overall it has given me a good experienceabout how to interact with annoyed custmers.

The only way to overcome challengesis to face them.

experience proffessional also share his companyexperience that see in today is 4:16 time.

the main problem for a company is to handletheir annoyed customer.

So if you have helped in your company or you have over come thischallenge this is also good quality.


So you can alsoanswer this question or any option if in your mind or any experience in your mind you canalso answer that.

If you find suitable it for the job.

Here i have given only two option.

Hopeyou find this option suitable Thank you wetching my video and next videoi will be coverning the next interview question.

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Hello friends,welcome to interview and answertutorial by me.My name is shalu pal and today the questionwhich i am going to cover in this video is.What is the biggest chalenge you have faced inwork.many times in interview the interviwer askyou this question.so how to answer this question.I will tellyou in...