Hello my name is Shalu Pal.

Welcome to interview questions and answersvideo tutorial series? Today I will discuss my question number eleven Where do you see yourself after 5 yrs.


See this question ask in many interviews theywant to know you future goal they want to know what your future plan is, they wantsto know that How much time you’re planning to work therecompany so how can you answer such kind of question let see them.

First I will tell you some tips to answermy first tip is.

Be ambitious and realistic.

See everyone have some ambition include thatambition in a answer so that it should look in a real way.

Talk in terms of achievements and responsibilitiesAlways include what you want to achieve after five years in your answer what will be yourresponsibilities after five years.

Be specific and flexible See you give you answer related to companyjob profile so be specific what do you want after five year and be flexible like theyare asking For five year but you can also say what willnot be possible to achieve you can also say that be flexible in your answer (1:03) okit’s not like that They are asking you for five years and youare giving answer like that sir i don’t move here I will go.

Just give answer flexible.

May be you are not be In a position to achieve that but just giveanswer.

Talk about your personal and professionalgoals always include your goals in answer because everyone have some goal and (1:22)we have to include our personal Goals also in answer.

Tell the value you canbring to the organization.

This is the best point which you can include in your answerlike after five years you will Be beneficial for the company or you willbe the important part of the company.

Hope you understand this tips now.

We will say answer for fresher’s.

First answer After 5 years, I would like to see myselfleading a team dedicated and motivated employees towards the goal of company, and in the processI would like to grow as As an individual, both professionally andpersonally.

So here being fresherCurrently I'm going for executive position but if they are asking me question that (2:00)we are do you.

See you are self after 5 years.

I can say that I may be leadingA team of some employees and I will be working so good towards the goal of the company andI will grow personally as well as professionally also.

Next answer.

I would like to see myself more skilled andtechnologically well developed in your esteemed organization after five years from now.

Say if I'm going in some reputed IT companyfor a some computer engineer post.

They are asking me that where are do you see afterfive years than I can answer in such a way That I would like to see myself technologicallymore advance more developed in your string (2:34) organization.

Third answer.

After five years, I see myself as a valuedemployee of a company.

My goal is to become a Manager in five years.

Although not everyonegets Promoted to this level.

But I believe I canachieve this goal through "HARD WORK".

See in this answer I'm giving my quality ofhard working nature.

I am convincing the interviewer that I have believe on myself I have believeon my work that I will defiantly become manager in 5years so this is my 5 years perceptions which I'm going to tell the interviewer that I willbe valuable employee for the Company.

Next we will see answer for experience professionals.

First answer I would like to become a master in my fieldwith lots of skills and responsibilities I would also like to participate in social eventsto Improve the society.

See for experience professional they reach to such a high level after some period oftime.

They become master in there for you with lots ofResponsibilities (3:30) shoulders so they can easily participate in social events andthey can do the benefit of society so they can answer in such and simple way.

Next options 5 years from now I would like to see myselfat a respectable and more responsible position in the company where I can take decisionsfor the welfare of the company.

see being an experience professional.

My shortterm goal of 5 year I will be add the responsible position I will be add the higher positionof the company and where I have Authority to take good decision for the benefitof company or for the welfare of company.

You can answer in such a way also.

Next answer for experience professionals.

Knowing my strengths, knowing my power tograb things quickly and knowing all the positive things associated with me.

I could see myselfworking in a good position, drawing Success for company, motivating young employees,and bringing best out of them.

See being an experience professionals I caneasily count them my qualities my qualities my strengths my power which will be helpfulfor their company.

because i will be handling some employeesteam and I can bring best out of them so i can achieve the company goals quickly so insuch a way here are trying to convince the Interviewer by telling him my qualities sohope you like my answer for this question.

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Hello my name is Shalu Pal.Welcome to interview questions and answersvideo tutorial series? Today I will discuss my question number eleven Where do you see yourself after 5 yrs.Time.See this question ask in many interviews theywant to know you future goal they want to know what your future plan...