APPSC: Assistant Engineers in Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Sub-Service

Assistant Engineers in Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Sub-Service.
Direct Recruitment (General) Notification No: 12/2008
In Continuation of the Selection Notification dated 11/05/2011, it is hereby notified that
on the basis of results of the written examination held on 02/08/2009 and Oral Test
(Interview ) held from 02/12/2009 to 11/12/2009 for Direct Recruitment (General) to the posts
of Assistant Engineer’s (RWS) in A.P. Rural Water Supply & Sanitation Sub-Service , the
candidate whose Register Number given below has been provisionally selected for
appointment to the post of Assistant Engineer (RWS) notified in Commissions Notification
No 12/2008 subject to the following conditions.
1) That the selection has been made in compliance of the orders of Honorable APAT
dated in O.A No. 4222/11.
2) The success in the Examination confers no right to appointment unless the
appointing authority is satisfied after such enquiry as may be considered necessary
that the candidate having mobile casinos regard to his character and antecedents is suitable in all
respects for appointment to the service.
3) That the candidate is found physically fit for the post.
4) That the candidate should produce such original certificates as may be required in
accordance with the Rules / Notification.
Zone II
12014601 (One Candidate Only)
If it comes to the notice of the Commission later that the candidate furnished false
information or the selection is not in order due to any act of omission or commission of the
Candidate then his provisional selection is liable to be cancelled at any stage and he will
forfeit all consequential benefits including that of selection. Besides the Commission
reserves the right to take any action as it deems fit in the circumstances of the case, in terms
of the various enabling provisions as notified in Notification No. 12/2008.
With this Notification, the Recruitment process notified vide Notification No. 12/2008
for the post of Assistant Engineers (RWS) has been finally concluded and the same is

hereby notified to all concerned.